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27. 1. 2013

Now and then.

Archívne z 30.4.2011

After rainy morning it comes sunny afternoon. 
And stary night sky with the shiny moon. 
U know you're worth more than this.
U love this delightfull life.
So don't be silly.
Spark up ur mind! 
Shadows are just reminders of the light.
Say them hello, fasten ur seatbelt and enjoy the flight. 
I’ll be back 
I’ll be back, 
I just have to be awake!

Aktuálne z 21.1.2013

My window. Candles in the wind. Wintertime sadness. Warm light. Cold skin. Memories of past. Feelings of present. Fears of future. All in all. Happy in emptiness. Empty in happines. Home alone.

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